Friday, April 4, 2008

Bikinis 101

Hey girls! Summer is upon us and for most, this only means one thing: SWIMMING! Yes, in a country like ours, swimming during the hot summer months is not only common but logical as well. Time to take out our trusty swimwear and flaunt those gorgeous curves! (I know you want to!) But before that, let me first take this time to educate you on the different types of bikinis out there. I mean, we wouldn't want to be sexy but stupid girls in our skimpy outfits right? *wink!

So, here's the basic things you should familiriaze yourself with:

What works best for what body type?

Broad shoulders - Be very careful when adding yourself to this group as sometimes having broad shoulders is not the same as having wide shoulders. The difference? Those with broad shoulders doesn't have just long shoulders, they are also muscular in form. Most of the time, people who have broad shoulders are those who engage in sports as the physical work adds muscle to that area. Well, what swimwear works for this type? Those with broad shoulders should go for those with wide shoulder straps and square necklines (like those of a ballet bra for two-piece ensembles). Avoid wearing string bikinis and v-shaped tops as it does nothing to flatter your figure. It's also helpful if you keep your bottom funky and colorful so it would balance the look of your broad shoulders. You can also go for swimwear with accents near the waist like belts, ribbons, folds and others. This model below is one example of someone with broad shoulders but looks good in a swimsuit:

Small bust - My friends and I have small busts so the things I'll be adding here would really come from experience.*wink! So, what works and what doesn't? For small busted women, the best way to go is to look for triangle bikini tops and v-shaped necklines. Also, when you're in the skinny side aside from the fact that you have a small bust, I suggest you try out stringed ones as they are the most flattering of all the types. Basically, the key to looking for the best swimsuit top for you is to choose ones which has a smaller cup and has padding. I do not particularly suggest going for the ones with the scrunched up fabric at the bottom like that one in on the right --> When you have small busts, instead of making it bigger, it makes it look smaller because you'd have "spaces" on the bikini top. Bandeaus also look very good too on small busts but be careful if you're a little chubby on top as you'd have these fat "overflows" in your underarm area which is so not good! Last advice: Try to go for printed bikinis for a fuller look :)

Big Bust - Whoa girl, you're lucky! But you know, finding the right bathing suit when you're so gifted is a task too. You should stick to tops that give you full support and avoid stringy ones unless you're going for that "Baywatch" look. I suggest you go for halter tops with wide support in the bottom and stick to neutral colors with small prints. The key here of course is support so do look for tops that would give you the coverage you need!

No waist - So maybe you have an athletic type of body. Well, no worries! There are still great swimsuits for you! If going for a two-piece swimwear, choose ones with plunging necklines and high cut legs. But really though, the most flattering suit for you is a one-piece bathing suit. Yes, yes! The monokini! The monokini is a one-piece suit with holes in the side that'll expose your waist in the right areas. It will give straight waists the image of being curvy! But if you really insist in picking a two-piece suit, why not try a tankini instead? ;)

Large thighs (pear shaped)- When you have large thighs, you have to be smart and buy a top which would take the attention to it rather than your bottom. Go for fun and light colored tops and stick to dark colored bottoms. It is advisable to choose bottoms which are high cut so as not to emphasize the wide hips however if you're not comfortable with wearing such revealing bottoms, I suggest going for brief cuts and hipsters instead.

Other tips:

  • Do try on your swimsuit first before buying. There's no harm girls! Plus, it's fun to go swimwear shopping especially when you're with a friend!
  • Do consider the fabric. Make sure that it is sturdy and will not easily rip.
  • Go for comfort before fashion! It may look really cute but it may be too skimpy for your body so I say, go for one that flatters your body rather than one that just looks cute. Remember, when it looks good on you, it'll look cute in others' eyes too!
  • Look, look, look! You don't have to rush buying for a swimsuit. Go around the mall and try a lot first before settling for one.
  • Don't be fooled by the price or brand. Sometimes, the cheaper swimsuits in department stores are more flattering than those sold by labels so don't ever equate the price and brand to comfort and perfection!

So go on girls, let's go shopping! Summer will be over in no time so chop, chop!

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